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Inland Fresh Water Fishing Safaris - Trophy Hunts - Adventures - Tours 


Safari Guides - Trophy Hunts - Adventures -Tours. There is nothing in the world better than going on safari in the open lands of Africa.

South African rivers are not as large as those of other traditional fishing countries and normally are of stream size with good rock bottoms making for excellent sight fishing.

Trout - At the beginning of the previous century a large number of rivers were stocked with mainly rainbow trout and large mouthed black bass and today these populations are self-sustaining. The food availability in these rivers and streams are not as diversified and prolific as in the rest of the world and thus the average size of fish is not as big as in those areas, but the numbers may well be better. These rivers sources start at about 9 000 feet above sea level and have very pure, high quality water.

Yellow fish - Apart from the introduced species there are nine (9) yellow fish (Barbus) species. Yellow fish in general are faster and better fighters than trout and offer good fun. The Orange-Vaal largemouth yellow fish is South Africa ’s largest scaled freshwater fish and can reach a mass of up to 44lbs (22 kg) or more! Of the nine mentioned species we mostly target two species, the Vaal-Orange small mouth and the Vaal-Orange largemouth of the Eastern Free State province.

Tiger fish - This specie is one of the most aggressive of all freshwater predatory fishes. The “take/strike” of one of these will have adrenalin pumping through your veins. Most of the time tigers are caught on spinning equipment and with live bait, such as tilapia. Tiger fish is well known as a worthy opponent. What is not generally known is that South Africa has a very good tiger fishing venue with quantity numbers. The local record is 18.2lbs (8.3 kg.

The following types of Fishing Safaris are offered:

Additional Information

Safari Trophy Hunting Packages & Pricing
South African Species Pricelist

We are a South African based company offering and catering to the traveling outdoorsmen and sportsmen of the world, guided quality trophy hunting, shooting, fishing and safari tour opportunities in South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique.

To provide hunters and shooters the widest opportunities possible we offer a variety of concessions spread out over Southern Africa. A stunning variety of places offer differences in topography, plant and animal life, climate, accommodations, scenery and people.

In South Africa we offer the green hills of Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal with Cape buffalo, Sable, Waterbuck, Warthog and Impala. The wide open plains of “big sky country” and scenic sandstone hills of the Freestate with Blesbok, Black Wildebeest and Red Hartebeest.

The red rolling sand dunes of the Kalahari in the Northern Cape with the aristocratic Gemsbok (Oryx) and dainty Springbok. In northern Namibia the Splendour of granite outcrops and rugged veld with kudu, Hartmanns Zebra, Leopard and Cheetah.

Reservations can be made by calling J. Scott To make reservations or if you have questions, please call (855) 473-2875.

You will often have exclusive use of the lodges that we stay at.

Thank you for visiting Safari Guides - Trophy Hunts - Adventures & Tours .  We hope that you will fulfill your dream for the safari and adventure of a lifetime by booking with us.  We look forward to hosting you on your ultimate Safari, Trophy Hunt,  Adventure & Tour!

Safari Guides - Trophy Hunts - Adventures - Tours
J. Scott / Safari & Tour Coordinator
Office: (855) 473-2875

African Feather, Fur & Scale Safaris cc
Willie Vermaak
Hunting Outfitter, Professional Hunter & THETA National Tourist Guide
Tel/Fax - Landline: +27(0)57 357 4656
Mobile: +27(0)73 162 8657

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