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Plains Game Antelope


Safari Guides - Trophy Hunts - Adventures -Tours. There is nothing in the world better than going on safari in the open lands of Africa.

We offer a range of 27, indigenous antelope species, from the diminutive little Duiker, up to Africaís biggest antelope, the Eland. Most species are available to both rifle as well as bow hunters. Our hunts are fun filled, challenging adventures offered in a variety of different areas of natural beauty free of human population pressure.

Due to South Africa ís excellent and successful track record in modern day conservation and preservation of wildlife we have a healthy and ever increasing wildlife population. Unfortunately due Manís encroachment land was historically cut up and fenced off, creating pockets of wildlife in which their numbers can not grow indefinitely and unchecked. The end result is an increase beyond the environments carrying capacity, ultimately destroying wild animals itself.

It is here where ethical, well-managed recreational hunting plays a huge role in legitimate utilization of our natural resources. We do not condone hunting for the sole, exclusive and only sake of trophy hunting. Although it has its rightful place in the greater circle of modern day hunting it in effect is very, very limited. We believe that hunting is a tool to be used in an ethical, well-managed plan of conservation to maintain, preserve and ensure continuous bio-diversity resulting in a healthy environment.

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Reservations can be made by calling J. Scott To make reservations or if you have questions, please call (855) 473-2875.

You will often have exclusive use of the lodges that we stay at.

Thank you for visiting Safari Guides - Trophy Hunts - Adventures & Tours .  We hope that you will fulfill your dream for the safari and adventure of a lifetime by booking with us.  We look forward to hosting you on your ultimate Safari, Trophy Hunt,  Adventure & Tour!

Safari Guides - Trophy Hunts - Adventures - Tours
J. Scott / Safari & Tour Coordinator
Office: (855) 473-2875
Email: gpadventures@gmail.com

African Feather, Fur & Scale Safaris cc
Willie Vermaak
Hunting Outfitter, Professional Hunter & THETA National Tourist Guide
Tel/Fax - Landline: +27(0)57 357 4656
Mobile: +27(0)73 162 8657
E-mail: bigfivehunting@gmail.com

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