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Game Hunting Methods


Safari Guides - Trophy Hunts - Adventures -Tours. There is nothing in the world better than going on safari in the open lands of Africa.

Game Hunting Methods

Due to the different locations and countries we offer, resulting in different geological and botanical areas, hunting methods are adopted to conduct a successful hunt.

In hilly and mountainous areas we climb to a good vantage point from where we glass surrounding areas with binoculars to locate herds of game and plan the stalk. This open plains hunting normally necessitate long shots, anything from 250 – 350 yards.

In flat areas covered with dense and high plant growth, it is of utmost importance to consider which way the wind is blowing. Moving slow, with frequent stops and listening for animal sounds coupled with frequent glassing of the surrounding area result in the classic African “walk and stalk” hunt. Shooting distances on “bushveld” hunts are quite short, from 70 – 120 yards

Bow hunting takes place mainly from well-constructed blinds and/or tree stands situated close to watering points frequented by game. Shooting distances 18 – 25 meters (19 – 27 yards) Apart from this method, we do cater for and actually encourage the bow hunter that is willing to try his hand and “stalking” game.

Big game hunting for elephant and buffalo is conducted by tracking animals from suitable waterholes very early in the morning up to where the herd is feeding or resting midday. Lion and leopard are either baited or tracked on foot by skilled trackers, depending country where hunt takes place.

In big hunting areas use is made of a hunting vehicle to cover distance, until game is located visually or the tracks of suitable species are found, then followed or tracked on foot until met up with. Under no circumstances whatsoever is any shooting from a vehicle allowed.

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